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What is the effect of nurse practitioner care compared to physician care on the HgA1C of diabetic teenagers when followed for over one year?

Critique of Evidence Based Literature Students will work in a group to develop a PICOT question and search the literature for evidence related to their question. These findings will be used to do the final EBP group presentation (Assignment 6). Students will individually submit 3 studies each of which has been critiqued using the “Evidence Based Practice Reference Form”. The appropriate Level of Evidence Form must also be submitted for each study. Studies must be reviewed by the faculty prior to your use of them. Things to think about: Develop a PICO question and search the literature. It is highly suggested that 3-4 students work on one question. Each student must find 3 separate research studies. Look for external (library) evidence to answer your question. It is also good to look for internal evidence from your agency. Remember that you are looking for RESEARCH studies, not just informational articles. Use your textbooks to help you with your literature search, and to help you determine if you have found a research study or just an informational article. Make sure to ask the librarian for help prn. You will probably NOT find the answer to your research question. That is OK!! You may just find background information that will shed some light on the topic. For example, if your question is “What is the effect of nurse practitioner care compared to physician care on the HgA1C of diabetic teenagers when followed for over one year?” Maybe you will find research on nurse practitioner care, and another student will find research on management of diabetic teens, and one will find research on nurse management (not NP) of diabetics in general, etc, etc. This is giving you background knowledge and showing that maybe there is still a gap in knowledge, and maybe more research is needed. Maybe the answer to your question is not yet in the literature. After each student has found 3 studies, read them and rate the level of evidence according to the forms. Make sure to read over forms and bring your questions to class.The forms help us determine the level of evidence, ie, how much can this evidence be applied directly to practice? It is fine if you find low level evidence or low-quality evidence– that may be all that is available.

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