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Expand upon one of the topics a colleague described by sharing additional information and/or perspectives on the topic.

Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts in at least one of the following ways:

Expand upon one of the topics a colleague described by sharing additional information and/or perspectives on the topic.

Cite and explain resources related to a colleague’s topic–for example, a blog, a website, or a book–where additional information may be obtained.

Ask questions to become better acquainted with your colleague.

Leopold Post


My Experience in the  field of education

As the Head of school my role was to supervise teachers, assessing learning process in classrooms, directing and to oversee the daily operation of the school, to chair staff meetings,  to maintain accreditation of the school, to foster favorable relationship and connection between school and the community to help students in learning process, to supervise and assess the teachers in learning process.

I have worked with three different institutions in a teaching profession. As a teacher in a school my role was to prepare exercises or students, Prepare lesson plans, scheme of work and lesson notes for students, supervise outdoor activities of the school, evaluate the students in learning process

What motivated me to pursue advanced studies?

The current education crisis in my country (The Citizen, 2018) motivated me to pursue my advanced studies abroad, more especially in a developed country like USA. I want to expand my understanding of education systems specifically in areas of curriculum. In addition to that I will have chance to interact with my colleague in issues relating to education as a whole.

Three topics of interest

  1. Implementation of competence based curriculum
  2. Assessment and evaluation of competence based curriculum
  3. Competence based curriculum towards industrial economy

Why these three topics

The illiteracy is expanding, the level of literacy is falling in Tanzania. Tanzania currently needs practical knowledge in order to empower the current population to prepare them for industrial economy.  The above topics seems to answer the education crisis in my country and I think this will contribute a lot in the field of education in my country. These topics will shape my understanding and will contribute much in the move of a country toward industrial economy.

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