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Describe a comparative evaluation of the use of carbon footprint calculators to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

I suggest you undertake your literature review on ‘Carbon footprints calculators relevant to agriculture’. This should include:

1. A discussion of the history of carbon calculators and their use in agriculture.
2. A description of all carbon calculators those freely available and relevant to agriculture. This should include a description of how they work, agricultural sectors they are relevant to, what data they need and what their limitations and differences are.
3. Critique the calculators identified and identify those that have the most value for identifying greenhouse gas mitigation strategies on a farm.

Your actual research project could then be:

Title: A comparative evaluation of the use of carbon footprint calculators to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
1) Identify (from your literature review) what calculators you are going to use.
2) Create, using literature based data, a number of theoretical farms. Say 4 arable, 4 livestock and 4 mixed. Get typical data (it must be realistic and you will need to do a lot of literature searching to find it) from literature and create the input data files for each calculator for each of the 12 farms. The theoretical data sets will need to be reported in your project report.
3) Run each farm input data through each of the carbon calculators. The calculator outputs/results will need to go in your project report.
4) Analyse the data in terms of:
a. Comparing the results from the different calculators and identify the cause of any differences.
b. Comparing the results across the different farm types. Identify the causes of the differences.
c. Identifying mitigation strategies which might reduce the carbon footprints – make changes to the farm input files to reflect this and rerun the calculators. Evaluate and explain the results.

– Your will have to create graphics and tables in the literature review.
-In the literature review you have to write the introduction and the results.

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